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Tanya Michelle LAc RN CST HTP M.Om.
Empowering you to live your best quality life.

Serving the greater Phoenix area. Telemedicine widely available. Herbal consults available in MN & AZ.

What people are saying:

I couldn’t tell you the last time I was headache free for more than a week, however, after my treatment sessions with Tanya I was headache free and continue to stay headache free with acupuncture and the nutrition advice Tanya recommended. My weekly sessions with Tanya were the most relaxing part of the week for me and she took the time to educate me about my treatments which I found valuable as well. What I enjoyed the most about working with Tanya was the feeling I had that she truly understood my concerns and the goals I wanted to accomplish. I was able to relax and rejuvenate with each visit. She incorporated a variety of techniques into my care to best suit my needs and achieve optimal results.

Allie K.
Bloomington, MN

I've experienced both acupuncture and craniosacral therapy from Tanya, and in my experience I felt encouraged to speak my story and really examine where I wanted to go and how I wanted to spend my sessions. I have chronic tension headaches, but especially with craniosacral therapy (even after just one session with Tanya), I've been able to find the source of my physical and spiritual issues, and I regularly have headache-free days. I was surprised by Tanya's intuitiveness about my own physical and spiritual reactions, and she was very adaptive and understanding when I wasn't sure what to expect. She was very empathetic about my situation, and offered her own expertise and experience to help me figure out my own path to physical and spiritual well-being!

Christey S.

I really enjoy my Healing Touch sessions with Tanya. I typically leave much more relaxed and with a higher energy level than when I arrive. I didn't expect to receive relief from my Neck and Back pain issues, but I regularly leave with little or no pain compared to before my session. I see a Chiropractor regularly also, but my Healing Touch sessions are an excellent compliment to my Chiropractic Care. My wife also notices that my stress level and emotional health has improved since starting my Healing Touch sessions.

Tanya is very insightful and intuitive with her care. She's helped me understand myself and issues which relate to my Wellness which I would not have otherwise made that correlation. I definitely have a better sense of Wellness and have learned good self care techniques since starting my Healing Touch sessions with Tanya.

Greg L.
Eagan, MN

Received a wonderful treatment today from Tanya, and I felt profound shifts in my energy from only one treatment. Tanya is caring, intuitive, and uses a variety of modalities to tailor your treatment to you, based on your health history and current concerns. She is also very good at figuring out what needs attention, before you even tell her! I would highly recommend Tanya for both chronic or acute conditions, and to keep yourself healthy!

Natalia Pellegrino ND

I am passionate about helping you live your best quality of life through a blend of modalities and self care techniques empowering you to take charge of your life. I want to truly hear your story and enrich the path on your journey.

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