About Me

Tanya Michelle LAc RN CST HTP M.Om.

Helping you live the best quality of life by encouraging your own innate healing to find your optimal delicate balance through a blend of Eastern and Western modalities. With 30+ years experience in healthcare including ER, Urgent Care, ICU, Med/Surg, and currently Cardiac Stress Testing, I've seen the gamut of afflictions. Since 2004 I've been studying & incorporating Integrative Therapies and teaching my patients self-care tools that can improve their quality of life and give them a sense of empowerment in their own health & wellbeing.

Did you know that a Licensed Acupuncturist has at minimum:
  • Been Licensed by the Board of Medical Practice
  • Passed 3-4 rigorous Board Exams including a Biomedicine Exam
  • Received over 3000 hours of classroom & clinical hands on training and experience
  • Been Certified in Clean Needle Technique by CCAOM
  • Been Certified as a Diplomate by the NCCAOM
  • Been Master's Level trained
Taking photos for my business page this one struck me to the core. To me it symbolizes my journey and the beautiful storm that got me where I am today...though still on my journey.